Your Trusted Source for Piano Repairs & Tuning

Dean Petrich, RPT, has been servicing pianos in the greater Seattle area since 1973. Over the years Dean has received countless compliments for his excellent tunings and meticulously precise work.  tunes, repairs, moves, rents, and gives pianos away for free. Dean has a personal database of over 3000 piano customers, and a waiting list for his services.

He has held every office in the Seattle Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild, including being President for two consecutive years; currently he is Vice President. Dean maintains the library and archives of the Seattle PTG seminars, conventions, and technical presentations. He has taught classes at a number of PTG technical trainings, and periodically teaches and mentors apprentices.

He has accumulated hundreds pianos that he has donated to auctions, non-profit organization fund-raisers, foster families, senior centers, talented low-income musicians, and more. Since Covid arrived the beginning of 2020, he has stopped going into homes and remains on Whidbey Island, waiting for the time when he can finally resume servicing pianos. In the meantime, he coordinates picking up unwanted pianos and shipping them to South America where they are sold from a store in Lima, Peru, to happy new owners.

Dean’s first book on moving pianos
“How To Move a Piano by Yourself with the Wrong Equipment”
is available for immediate on-line purchase at
He was about to write a second book, entitled “How to Take Apart a Piano and Still Use It,” which would be packed full of ways to recycle and re-use pianos and piano parts. Instead, he wrote a web site to share with all creative people interested in repurposing pianos. Feel free to participate:

Dean offers:

  • Tuning
  • Repairing
  • Regulating
  • Rebuilding
  • Rentals
  • Recycling Pianos
  • Piano Moving
  • Hauling Unwanted Pianos
  • Free Pianos!

See what Dean is doing with pianos:

Turn an old unwanted piano into art:

Pass your old piano on to new happy owners in Lima, Peru: Salvaging and Recycling Pianos