The Wrong Way to Move a Piano

Move Your Piano Without Damage

Would you like to have your piano moved by an experienced mover, or would you like to move it yourself?

So You Want To Move It Yourself, Huh?
Well, well. So you want to move a piano yourself, huh? And your helpers have no idea what to do, right? Plus you don’t want to scratch your floor, rip the carpet, ding the walls, break off the pedals, or drop the piano, right? Not to mention smashing your fingers in the doorway or setting the piano down on your bare feet. When it comes to stairs and tight corners, now what? Add to all this that it’s 11:00 pm, raining and slippery and none of your helpers showed up. Only the children and pets came to watch and they’re right in front of wherever you want to go. The worst problem is how on earth to get the thing in and out of your truck. Maybe it’s time to hire professional piano movers, O.K.? Forget it! They cost too much, and besides, you’re sure you could do this yourself. Heck, with enough people, you could just pick the thing up and carry it. Why not?

Your Other Option? Hire an Experienced Mover
On the other hand, if you change your mind about doing it all yourself and would rather have someone else move your piano who knows what to do, give me a call and I would be glad to do it for you. (My pianos stay on the truck.) I have a number of different skid boards, three different types of piano dollies, straps, lots of blankets, and, best of all, years of experience. I cover the greater Seattle area, as well as King County, Snohomish County, Island County, and San Juan County.