Piano Restoration, Renovation, & Rebuilding

Transform your troubled piano into a beautiful instrument

Dean Petrich, RPT, has years of experience fixing, reassembling, restoring, rebuilding and renovating pianos. If your piano is worth keeping, it is worth restoring it to its optimal playability. When a piano is in its best performance condition, the satisfaction derived from playing it is euphoric.

The structure of the piano itself has to do with the piano’s structural integrity, exterior finish, casters & pedals, key tops, and hardware, all of which are reparable. Dean has put pianos back together that have been dropped, that have delaminated, that have had the pin-block separated from the back posts, and that have suffered water damage and fire damage. He has transformed pianos that had become mouse nests in barns and basements into beautiful instruments with all new parts. If you have a piano that has been neglected, abused, damaged, or worn out, but you love the piano and would like it to play like new, call Dean.

To gain a more in-depth understanding of what it takes to restore a piano, watch this video: