Customer Comments

Fast and Accurate

Dean diagnosed and fixed a number of issues with an early 20th century Everett grand. Very fast and accurate technician. – Rich P.

Patience and Expertise

Much Needed Help Received
Dean has managed to help me even in coronvirus times. He patiently guided me through the process of temporarily fixing a broken pedal so that I could continue music lessons. I am very grateful and impressed by his calmness, patience and expertise. All my friends have heard my story of how I fixed “something” for the first time in my life and not less than my own piano. Dean had enormous patience and encouragement to do this long-distance.
– Mariana Markova, 7/7/2020

Wonderful Work

Dean, thanks for doing wonderful works. Your kindness and generosity will be praised by many and deeply appreciated. Thank you
– Handel, 2/20/2019

I Love this Weber Piano so Much

I love this Weber piano so much, it was a real blessing for him to choose us as his new home. Thanks again to Dean Petrich for getting him here and making him sing so beautifully!” – Evan Evanovich

A Kind Man

We got our piano delivered today from Dean after touring his collection and home yesterday! What a kind man with a truly fun world! Excited to find my piano books and start up again! – Carrie H., Clinton, WA

I Recommend Him Very Highly

Dean Petrich has done a wonderful job on my 1977 Kimball petite baby grand. It was purchased as a refurbished piano from a dealer in Bellevue. He did his initial tuning after the piano was moved to Anacortes. Everything sounded beautiful. However, as time went on, I began to notice odd noises that bothered me. Dean made a second trip from Freeland to Anacortes. At that time, he traced the problems to dampers that were “wooshing” and clicking. He used several types of brushes and fluffed the bottoms of the dampers, thus solving the odd sounds.

About three weeks later, I again noticed strange noises. This time, the sustaining pedal began to sound like a creaking door on Halloween. I knew I was not crazy when my dog curled up next to the pedals and cocked his head back and forth trying to find the very odd noise. Once again, Dean came up from Freeland to do his detective work. This time it was necessary to remove the action and actually get into the “guts” of the piano. First he discovered squeaking damper rail hinges, which he lubricated. Using a flashlight and mirror, he was able to discover that the capstan on the pedal dowel was both out of adjustment and creaking against the leather cushion. The dowel rod would go down part way, then stop and slowly finish going the rest of the way. That slow decent was making the creaking sound. He adjusted the capstan, and fixed the creaking problem by lubricating. As he was putting the instrument back together he noticed that some hammers were blocking against the strings, so he made miscellaneous adjustments to the very top keys that were not letting off quite right. The E4 key was louder than the keys around it, so he voiced that note for me. He did far more than I expected or requested.

I now have a wonderful sounding instrument as a result of his diligence and excellent trouble-shooting skills. I recommend him very highly! – Carol Hanneman, Anacortes, WA

Amazing Work

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the amazing work you did on my piano yesterday. It sounds so much better. The improvements really made a world of difference. Also, the company we all kept with each other made for a very enjoyable afternoon. I’ll enjoy playing this beautiful piano for now and will look forward to finishing up the rest of the services before too long. – Carrie M., Seattle

Tuned our 1910 Steinway

Wanted to give a plug to Dean Petrich, the technician who inspected, cleaned, moved, regulated, voiced, felted, pitch-raised, and tuned our 1910 Steinway. 🙂 – Phillip Jones

Energetic, positive attitude, and reliable

Dean is a highly qualified piano tuner/technician with an outstanding reputation. Energetic, positive attitude, and reliable. Respected by the Seattle Piano Technicians Guild and his colleagues. – Michael Ashburn

The Piano Sounded Wonderful

Dean, thank you for squeezing us into your tight schedule. The piano sounded wonderful, and the concert was a success!

I Cannot Thank You Enough

Dean, I cannot thank you enough for your superb tuning on our piano at South Whidbey High for the Seattle Symphony. The pianist and the conductor both raved about how well-tuned our piano was.

So Crisp and Clear

When you walked into our house, our piano sounded horrible, and when you walked out, it sounded so crisp and clear that we could have done a recording on it — if only I could play that well.

Dean is a Master Tuner

Dean is a master tuner. I would say he is one of the best tuners in the State of Washington.

I Look Forward to His Visit Each Time

Dean has a highly discriminating ear. He can hear slight differences that most people never notice. This attribute explains how he plays the violin in tune, why he was able to perform precision singing in madrigals and barbershops, why his pronunciations are so accurate in the five languages he has studied, and why he has become such a fine piano tuner. I must say that I look forward to his visit each time.

Dean is a Perfectionist

Dean is a perfectionist when it comes to pianos. I would not have any other tuner.

I Highly Recommend Dean

I highly recommend Dean. He is the real deal. He is the most compassionate, intelligent person I ever met. He is so humble too. On top of the many talents and skills listed above, he speaks 7 languages. He said to me once that he can pick up any language and sound like a native. I believe him. He has perfect pitch to a high degree. I tested his ear with my computer, and to my amazement it was dead on! He also plays many musical instruments.Again, I highly recommend Dean. – Chris Chernobieff