Meet Dean Petrich, RPT

Dean Petrich, Registered Piano Technician

Dean Petrich, RPT, has been servicing pianos since 1973. Dean is skilled in many ways. He is precise, meticulous, and accurate. He has a keen ear and pays close attention to detail. He can troubleshoot and repair just about anything on any piano, and usually has the needed parts on hand. If not, he has the resources and capability to solve any piano issue.

Dean has held every office in the Seattle Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild, including being President for two consecutive years. Dean maintains the library and archives of the PTG seminars convention and technical presentations and is interested in combining efforts with other chapter archivists and PTG Journal collectors. He also maintains the chapter web site. Over the years Dean has received countless compliments for his tunings, at which he excels.

Dean has a database of nearly 3000 customers, owns over 150 pianos, and moves, tunes, repairs and rents pianos weekly. If you would like a piano, Dean will give you one for free, as-is. He can select one for you and deliver it, or you can visit his place and choose whichever piano you like. You can move it yourself or you can have Dean deliver it for you. Call for an appointment if you would like to visit the shop to choose a free piano.

Aural and Electronic Tuning
To be able to tune by ear takes years of training and practice. Even with a tuning aid, the skill of moving the hand and the tuning hammer is an art that must be acquired by knowledge, skill, and repetition. Increasingly fewer piano technicians have mastered the art of aural tuning. Dean is one of the remaining few.

For his first twenty years Dean tuned exclusively by ear, and mastered several ways to set temperaments and to do aural checks. Then he purchased his first tuning device: the McMorrow electronic tuner. Shortly after, the Sanderson AcuTuner came out, which Dean used for many years. As tuning aids evolved, their precision and capabilities increased; consequently, the precision of every tuning has increased. Now Dean uses the VeriTuner, the CyberTuner and the PianoMeter. Even with such extreme accuracy, at the end of every tuning Dean always checks each note by ear. His work is guaranteed.

To service your piano, contact Dean at (206) 324-5055 in Seattle, or (360) 730-7992 on Whidbey.

To get a glimpse of another side of Dean, watch this short video: